To be a great breeder I think you need to have a deep and genuine interest in genetics as a whole .. as it is widely known, in my youth I studied experimental psychology at Cambridge.. one of the never answered and continuously discussed questions…

Food for thought.

I resent these jokes about British cuisine… so I’ll tell you a little story if I may: I was 8 1/2 years old, and my 1ST EVER BEST MOST PRECIOUS FRIEND IN LIFE was an old 85 YEAR old English lady! Her name was Gladys. She was nearly or let’s say she was blind, just not entirely…

Black cab confessions

The historic London black taxi, London would not be London without it! Real London cabbys who love to chat through the glass and lose all track of all time as their meter ticks away… I’ve probably confessed some of my most inner thoughts to a black cabby… so in tune and empathetic with the life…

Love hurts

Time, time, time, how it passes. Back at work now and so much has happened since .. mated Kali who didn’t stay pregnant due to pyometra , fought with the emergency vet, after having taken some invaluable advise from my specialist friend in Greece and one here in Czech to keep her uterus in tact,

And then there was Ruby..

And then there was Ruby.. She had us waiting until a few days before Christmas to come into heat. She was due at least 2 weeks earlier but Ruby wouldn’t be Ruby if she didn’t mix up and stir the feelings of those around her.. But it turned out to come as a pleasant reprise.

To work ..

It’s freezing, can’t feel my feet or my hands and getting bruised and beaten by my dobermann as I’m instructed to use her high, crazy (but beautiful) drives as the incentive for her lesson in obedience! Well sounds like a contradiction in terms, but strangely it seems to be working ..


“Among God’s creatures two, the dog and the guitar, have taken all the sizes and all the shapes, in order not to be separated from the man.”