Food for thought.

by MICHEL / Monday, 25 October 2021 / Published in Blog

I resent these jokes about British cuisine... so I’ll tell you a little story if I may: I was 8 1/2 years old, and my 1ST EVER BEST MOST PRECIOUS FRIEND IN LIFE was an old 85 YEAR old English lady! Her name was Gladys. She was nearly or let’s say she was blind, just not entirely. Every day she would set out from her lonely house and walk with a white sight stick to guide her so as to come to my parents cafeteria! She struggled alone against many odds so as to be sure to be there every day. Then I’d see her walk in and a smile emerged across my face that extended from ear to ear! We sat opposite each other at my Dad’s cafe eating the most beautiful hand cut chips or ‘Pomfrites' as they call them in Europe, thick, freshly blanched and lovingly fried by my late father as deeply as his extraordinary generous soul! Gladys said that they were the best chips she has ever eaten in her life, and that while she was alive and strong enough she would continue to make that long walk from her lonely living room chair to my happy childhood haven!! And I will never forget my best friend as long as I live , if I live to be that age I would also love that God would grant me the same honour as he did when I was a young child… bless my late father, bless you late my dearest friend Gladys... and bless you the wonderful potatoes that are grown in Gods Great Earth!!!! Amen 🙏