Tweaking to protection

by Michel / Friday, 13 October 2017 / Published in News

The modern dobermann of today is tuned very differently depending on numerous variables. Ideally, and according to the standard he is friendly and calm; of medium temperament and medium alertness, he is easy to train and likes to work, whilst being courageous and showing strength of character. The Dobermann is very sensitive and perceptive to circumstances and can react quickly and confidently if required.

At Infinity Amoris we do not breed for business or for selling dogs to the pet market for material gains, but rather aim to breed dogs that have strong drives and desire for work and cooperation, whilst simultaneously and consequently preserving their strong, elegant, beautiful and noble appearance for the exhibitions, as we believe that these attributes are not mutually exclusive.

We therefore like to tweak our Dobermann's to be tuned a pitch or two higher than some of todays show line dogs, which can sometimes appear expressionless, dallying and even indifferent.

We want our dobermanns to be capable of passing character and breeding tests at the earliest ages whilst also having the ability to prepare for more difficult working exams including IPO and Korung.

We do not pick and choose which dog in our breeding will be prepared for these stringent tests, rather, it is our philosophy that if a dog is bred by us and in our kennel he will have the natural genetic temperament and disposition for the tests, whilst receiving all the training and building blocks necessary to achieve the highest results.

Here at Infinity Amoris we understand that the dobermann is fundamentally utilitarian, and that beauty in the dobermann is essentially functional beauty. In the words of Dr. Friedrich Karl Dorn; "while all men can admire the nobility and beauty, the breeder is intensely concerned with the Type. He shall be the quintessence of all good qualities in compact form. His harmony of character and build is that of a very perfect animal-it is essentially that of utility.”