Litter F

F Litter

I always say the F litter is a litter born out of destiny! We had planned to be in Greece at the time that Angel was due to come in heat. However, owing to unforeseen circumstances our plans took a turn and we decided to head to Italy to the Insubria winner show, where we acquired numerous winner titles and CACs. And then as if bang on the money, Angel was showing signs that she was ready for mating! Well it was only a few hours drive down to Tuscany where Toscano del Diamante Nero, one of the greatest dogs of the past decade resides. Off we went to our favourite hotel to meet Mr lover boy, and the F litter was conceived.
Black eyes, beautiful shiny hair and golden marks, high temperament with stable character, long dry necks and heads, elegance, strength, beauty..really real Dobermann’s .. I love this litter, it will always have a special place in my heart! ♥️

Toscano del Diamante Nero & Izrafel Angel Amaya
dob: 02/01/2020