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Choosing a male for Ruby is always one of the hardest decisions. Sometimes being forced to choose a non obvious match and even from males that are not necessarily a favourite type! The reason being is that she is so special, and has proven time after time to produce elite champion dogs. As a breeder I feel the responsibility to preserve the continuation of very special elements that Ruby is so fortunate to posses. The aim being to keep concentrated levels of this so that future dilutions will not ever be watered down too much. Line breeding the Campovalano preserved the the clean, long dry head and neck, elegant but very strong limbs, softly falling idyllic lines of the body, exceptionally firm strong backs and perfect croups, bearing some resemblance at times to thorough bred stallions! Ruby has enough flare in the temperament to assure a firm foundation for work, and this has come through directly from her to all the females in this litter. Just watch them fly on the legendary Davide Codebues sleeve at the astonishingly young age of 15 weeks .. another beautiful example of show and working ability equally expressed in the breed , and our successful quest to breed the complete dobermann@infinity amoris.

Quarz de' Andreoli x Izrafel Ruby Rovena
dob: 16/04/2019