INFINITY AMORIS Ebony - AIAD Sieger Quarz di Andreoli x Izrafel Ruby Rovena  .. I hold  the belief that some dogs are eternally grateful for the life you have given them, and feel a very deep, profound wish to replay you. The greatest deed that an ambassador can do for its breed is to produce more Dobermans in its type, with all the right elements in all the right measures, alas, the quintessential dobermann! Ruby was very much this dog, and very much my dog, I, Michel, bought her when she was 3 and a half years old and the love affair started immediately. A little ironic though that she would become arch enemies with my beloved Benzina, but I loved her tenacity and hot temper, let's just say she was very far far removed from a plain Jane lol ..

My point here is that Ruby repaid me by producing so many quintessential dobermans, our kennel is founded on much of the progeny of this magnificent bitch... producing some of the most strikingly beautiful females in the world... and Ebony, oh Ebony how you are one, just take a look at the pictures by Giota and I'm sure they'll take your breath away,  not much more that words can express about this phenomenal female, sublime perfection, just purely sublime!

Quarz x Ruby

dob: 16/08/2019

  • Skopje Challenge 2021
    CACIB Macedonia Skopje 27.02.2021
    Refet Hadzic (BiH)
    intermediate V1 Cac