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When the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, beauty is a consequence. We breed for this perfect completeness, and for its continuation.

About Us

We, Infinity Amoris are a Dobermann kennel with a strong and serious interest in show and work, aiming to breed Dobermann's that are not only perfect in appearance but also in character and temperament, breeding only occasionally and for our pleasure. We are not a business and do not try to make material gains from our persuits, which are our passion.

Michel and Mandy are the founders of Infinity Amoris, we are originally from the UK but have chosen to register our kennel in Europe where we have collaborated with great breeders and made very good friends. Back in the UK, the dobermann is not a popular breed. Unfortunately this is the sad case in many countries that have banned the docking and cropping of the dobermann. In Europe our faithful companion can be seen in his true splendour, with his unmistakable silhouette , a defining part of his instantly recognisable form and identity. For this is the impetus of our journey all the way through Europe, half way across the world, and our eventual decision to base our kennel in Europe, which we have come to think of as a "home from home" of the docked and cropped dobermann.

Our passion is to recapitulate and sustain the dobermann that has over the years inspired us to fall in love with our enchanting breed. Paying close attention to the essential elements of type, from the expression of the eyes, parallel lines of the head, muscularity and elegance of the body, harmony of the movement, dignity and prowess of the character, desire for work and cooperation ...

We strive to preserve all of these essences of type in all the right measures, never seeking to elevate one over another at the expense of the whole. Because the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, beauty in our breed is a consequence of all these qualities expressed in their perfect measures. We breed for this perfect completeness, and for its continuation; InfinityAmoris.


Selective Breeding is paramount, dogs are paired according to health, bloodline, temperament and type to ensure ideal suitors are selected to create the perfect INFINITY AMORIS puppy.


Rearing is first on our agenda, every puppy is given the finest quality nutrition so as to optimise growth and development, and reared as though it will remain with us throughout its lifetime.


Training is uncompromising, from 3 weeks of age puppies receive short explosive training bouts developing their drives for chasing, catching, possessing balls and leather rags that will implant the foundations for later work.


Socialisation, from the time they receive their second vaccine puppies are taken 'on tour' with the other show dogs to learn life on the road, meeting and greeting people, getting house training, interacting with other larger dogs, hearing loud microphones and music on the shows themselves, and learning to be ready to do anything at anytime, for there is no time like the present!


Life long support and care, an INFINITY AMORIS puppy is a very special being, like a beautiful engine, with as with much thought and care being put in the front end to show the results at the tail end. Our mission is never fully complete until we provide all the assistance the owners of our cherished beauties may need to fulfil their lives throughout puppyhood, into adulthood and older age.

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